This Week- Feb 23

Two months of the year down, ten to go! Time surely does fly by quickly. But at least, after two weeks of storms, the sun came up and we got to enjoy some good, but a bit cold, weather here in Beirut. I can only hope this means Spring will be nice and enjoyable.

Focus Isn’t All That Bad

For some reason, earlier this week, my mom had tickets for the premiere of Will Smith’s new film Focus and seeing that we haven’t done something together in a long time, went to see it. I didn’t really know what it was about before we went, even thinking it was going to be heavy on the action, but that didn’t turn out to be true. It’s more of a romantic comedy with a twist of him being a con-man that falls for his trainee.

Sure the film won’t win an Oscar, and the writing and acting aren’t super good, but it does a good job at keeping you guessing what will come next. I’ve always liked Will Smith and it just seemed to me that he doesn’t need to do anything with his career anymore. Just have fun and go with the flow. Margot Robbie as his love interest was a good choice, she’s very pretty and charismatic.

Messing Up is Part of Human Nature

This was definitely not my week at work. In a job that requires you to keep your eyes open the whole time, I didn’t really succeed. I was tired and suffering from a migraine the whole time and I was just way into my thoughts so work wasn’t my biggest priority. On every day of this week, all I really wanted to do was just go home and take a breath.

The positive side to this is that I discovered this beautiful place where I can just go and catch my breath when things get overwhelming

And that led me to messing up, big time. I mean, making mistakes is normal, but in this case, I made the same mistake this week for the fourth time in a year and a half- and that’s not a good thing. This one has really hit the team hard and I don’t know how to make up for it. I’m actually scared to face my co-workers because this time I don’t have any justifications or explanations. Just that I’m very sorry.

Emotional Again- Malta 2.0?

Lina was kind enough to send us a copy of her wedding video this week- and it got me incredibly emotional once again. I cannot even begin to describe how overwhelmed  I was when I attended her wedding in Malta back in September 2014- and to see it all again and relieve it with that video was just beautiful.

I have to say, I went extremely crazy that night, and the video shows that- me and my horrible dancing. But it also shows how we all got ready together and just what a great time it was.

Beirut is the City of Good Food

My sister celebrated her birthday this week, and as part of the occasion, we went out for a family dinner at the newly re-opened and renovated The Hangout (not to be confused with The Gathering). I had the steak in medium well with a side of pepper sauce, which came out looking something like this.

Well worth the wait, if I must say!

Then, on Saturday, and to celebrate a long, long day of watching people install stuff in our home, we went to Lord of the Wings to have our share of, what else, wings!

Needless to say, Ahmad was not a completely satisfied customer because he is unable to find something that is super spicy, as he likes it. But we love the place and we will always come back to it.

One Door Closes, Another Opens

My favorite show, Parks and Recreation ended this week, but a new season of my other favorite The Amazing Race has just begun! If you are unfamiliar with the show, what are you waiting for? It’s essentially a competition show where people race around the world and have to do challenges relating to specific countries. There’s 26 seasons of it as of now, so you’ll never be un-entertained.

The first episode of this season has also given me this gem, which I cannot stop listening to! How did we not know of this before?! I am addicted! I don’t understand a thing, but I just love it!


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