Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work Out

It’s been a long morning.

I keep hearing the sounds of drills and hammers ringing in my ears because today we are installing several new items in the house. And we’ve been here for hours and nowhere near done.


It would’ve taken much, much longer if we had actually gotten everything we ordered today.

Way way back in October, we found a really nice (and huge) TV unit and bookcase. Both fit our planned design for the living room but we still needed to put up the aircondition and paint the walls. So we put the items on hold until those things were done.


Flash forward to yesterday and we get a call from the furniture shop that the tv unit they had in storage for us is defected and they don’t have a replacement for it. Either we would have to take a display item (which has been opened and closed by a ton of people) or we would have to wait for a new shipment to come in (which could be forever).

We’re bummed because the faster things get done here, the faster we can move onto wedding planning- I cannot do the two things at once. I’m also bummed because people can be so unprofessional sometimes. I know this is a business to them, but this is our house and our time. They probably don’t care that they switched up all our plans because of this “unexpected” delay.

And it’s not just with the living room.

We had the entire kitchen redone, in a process that took four months. As you can see in the picture below, this is our oven.


See anything wrong?

I’ll help you out. The touchscreen is tilted, like its falling off. You would think we just noticed this.

Nope, we have called the company three times, and three times they’ve come to “fix” it but it just keeps falling back down. I am now convinced it’s just being done haphazardly.

I can understand that the workers coming to install things are just here to do their job, but it also goes a long, long way that they do it right, and they do it clean!

Like last week, we put up a television in the kitchen, and the person that installed it didn’t even bother to clean all the sawdust! He just left it there to collect and stink up everything else.


Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you wanted them to so you should always remember not to lose your cool and just hope for the best that these people understand what you’re trying to do.


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