The Pre-Marriage Checklist

I’m of the opinion that in order to avoid excessive questions from society on matters of relationships, marriage, and families, every female planning to take this huge step in her life must be handed a checklist that she will duly fill and return back to a family representative, preferably her mother.

I think it would spare us a lot of headaches and having to repeat the same thing over and over if there were a form somewhere people could refer to.

I’ve taken the liberty to create one based on my experience. Feel free to add yours.

Information about the Future Husband
Religion and Sect
Age (better if older than you)
Occupation (bonus points if doctor or engineer)
Location of future husband (to know if you’re going abroad or staying here)
Education history (preferably from kindergarten up to highest degree)
Estimated income range
Actually submitting a CV wouldn’t be a bad idea…
Name of father
Occupation of father
Number of siblings
Occupations of siblings
Spouses and offsprings of siblings
Personality types of entire family
Location of his family home
How many kids does he want?
When does he want children?

Information about Living Arrangements
Does he have an apartment?
If no, can he buy an apartment?
Will he pay for said apartment or will he require help?
Will he take out a loan?
Will you rent?
In how many installments will you pay for the house?
In whose name will it be registered?
When will you register the home?
If going abroad: will he keep his old place or get a new one?
Will he buy a house in Lebanon even if you will be living abroad?
Any chance of his parents coming to live with you?
How big is the apartment in square meters?
Where is it located?
How many rooms, how many bathrooms?
Is it close to both of your family homes?
New or old building?

For the time being, the checklist excludes questions about furnishing the home because this requires a seperate post.

Information on Engagement, Katb Kteb, and Wedding
When will his parents come over?
When will you get engaged, tektbo ktebkon, and married?
When will you get diamonds?
How big is the size of the diamond?
Where did you buy it from?
How many engagement/wedding bands did you get? (Preferably one with diamonds, one with gold, and one white gold)
Where will you throw your parties?
How many people will you invite?
Will the sheikh come to the house or will you go to the court?
What will the favors look like? Who will you give them to?
When will you send out the invitations?
Seated or buffet dinner?
Where will you have your Wedding list/registery?
Where will you go on honeymoon? For how long?

And most importantly:

Who is paying for this all?


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