Omni Athletes Make Lebanon Proud and Set New Records

We’re obsessed with setting Guinness World Records here in the homeland, and this morning we can rightfully claim several new ones thanks to Omni Athletes, a group of Lebanese friends, Nizar Fakhoury, Dani Afiouni, and the Mroueh brothers Mazen and Moustafa, who are based in the UAE,and took part in the 777 Challenge (7 marathons, 7 continents, 7 days)

Photo via Omni Athletes Facebook page

As per their social media accounts:

The Omni Athletes have all shown exemplary performance and achieved amazing results by dominating the first 3 positions in addition to other team world records:
@nizarfakhoury broke the current record and he is now officially the “fastest person to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents” and that in less than 12 days. @m_mroueh came second worldwide and he has also set the record of “fastest siblings to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents”.
@moustapham2 was the 3rd fastest and set 3 additional world records: “fastest siblings to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents”, member of the fastest linked team to complete 7 marathons on 7 continents” and “aggregate time to complete 7 marathons for a team”. But most importantly all 4 Omni Athletes @dafiouni @nizarfakhoury @moustapham2 @m_mroueh are the first Arab and Lebanese team and individuals to complete that feat and will potentially add 4 new entries to the Guinness World Records for our nation!

Their course started on February 8 in Melbourne, Australia, continued to Abu Dhabi, UAE, Paris, France, Carthage, Tunis, New York City, USA and Punto Arenas, Chile.

The team managed to successfully complete these 6 races in 6 days despite jet lag and varying weather conditions.

Also from Omni Athletes Facebook page

However, they faced a setback in their last race in Antarctica as the pilot wasn’t able to land due to bad weather conditions.

I was following their journey the whole time and when this happened, I felt utterly disappointed and dismayed. I had actually met Moustafa this past November, as he’s a friend of Ahmad’s, and he was telling us about this journey. I remember thinking, “wow, I really hope they can make it happen!”

Thankfully though, in the end they managed to complete the race, in under 12 days, and achieve the results above.

And best of all, this wasn’t done just to set records but also “to raise funds for to support the treatment of one year old  girl, Hajar.  Hajar is a Syrian underprivileged cancer patient whose family cannot afford the high cost of her much needed treatment at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center.

Thanks to their perseverance and determination, this girl can continue her fight and hopefully lead a long and healthy life.

This is a record we should all be proud of, instead of obsessing over large plates of food. Just goes to show you that nothing can stand in the way of hard work and persistence.

Omni Athletes, you’ve truly made us all proud and I look forward to seeing what challenge you’re going to take up next!

Congratulations and good luck!

To know more about Omni Athletes, and to see pictures from their incredible journey, you can visit their Facebook page here


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