Gloomy Day, Gloomy Mood

Today I woke up in a bad mood.

I spent yesterday at home, in my sweatpants, no makeup, no desire to do anything except watch Parks and Recreation- and because I did not do anything, I got a massive headache that carried over to this morning.

Being lazy doesn’t sit well with me.

So I was in a bad mood and that only increased knowing that this long weekend was ending and yet another heavy work week was on the way.

It was one of those rare days when Ahmad and I were both off and we needed to take advantage of it (and not in doing stuff for the house way).

After spending the entire morning studying Spanish and watching Live from the Grammys Red Carpet, it was time to get out of those jammies and go out for lunch even though I wasn’t in the mood.

Here I had to resort to some classic family advice: go put on some makeup, you’ll instantly feel better. And believe me, it does make a difference.

My automatic feel-good kit

I’m no fashion or beauty expert but drawing on eyeliner always puts a smile on my face. Add to that the fact that I was singing along to random playlists at the top of my lungs (Thank you Anghami for filling the Spotify void in my life) and it just instantly turned my mood around.

We headed to Citymall for a specific reason: Schnitzels! To me they are the ultimate comfort food and no one in the country does them as perfectly as the same-name place does.

What caught our attention though was this contest set up by BHV, one of our large department stories, where you could win a trip for two to Verona, Italy. The contest: How well do you know your partner?

The quiz I had to take

We did pretty well though a few questions stumped me. I only know 75% of Ahmad while he scored 90%… I guess I have to study a bit more though.

Schnitzels, as always, ended up delivering the happiness and comfort on a plate, just what we were looking for. You can never go wrong with breaded chicken and a side of potato salad and a lot of mustard.


Full and happy, the headache started to gradually go away. I was definitely happier than how I had left the house, even though the weather was shifting in the other direction.


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