A Small Note About Travelling


The first draft of the thesis is done. June is ending, and soon enough I need to start organizing and packing.

It’s undeniable, I’m going back home soon and there’s a lot of bittersweetness involved- but I don’t want to think about that just yet.

Of the things I will miss about living in Europe is the ability to go places, to see the world, to get glimpses of the way people live and experience the way they live: even if it were just through day-trips.

When in need of meeting a deadline, bring your work along for the ride, as I did with my thesis when we went to Den Haag

I didn’t do much traveling in the first half of my stay. Instead, I was more focused on getting adjusted to my new surroundings, developing bonds with the people I had met, and most importantly, avoiding getting sick- which I wasn’t too successful at.

But Berlin changed things. You can say it awakened the dormant curious travel in me- the one that was comfortably buried under all those piles of clothes all winter long.

Berlin, winter clothes,public transport: it’s all there

I had never been on a train before I came to Maastricht, but I easily adjusted to that, planning departure and return times, memorizing the directions and stops, especially the line that goes from here to Liege. I’ve been on it so many times.

There is always the desire to see more, to do more, it’s all about more and more, but given the main purpose of my stay here, I’ll say I was quite content with where I’ve gone. Three countries, including three European capitals, and a multitude of  UNESCO World Heritage sites: honestly, I am one very lucky girl who should not be complaining.

The lucky girl under the rain, heading to Brussels Central, after a long day in the Belgian capital

Traveling does enrich your soul and in more ways than you ever thought was possible. And no matter where you go, there’s always a lingering thrill, one that keeps coming back to you, even when the trip happened months ago.

So yes, I’m thankful. Thankful for the opportunities to see places like Berlin, Aachen, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Keukenhof, Brussels, Liege, Bruges, Scheveningen, and of course, Maastricht.

And I know this one thing: this is only the beginning of all the journeys- I’m just hoping the opportunities will continue to arise.

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