Bike Rides and Sunshine

I’m learning the hard way that my idea of summer doesn’t really exist in the part of the world that I’m currently living in. Normally by this time back in Beirut, the coat would have long been packed and plans of going to the beach would’ve been made.

Not here! In fact, after a winter of -17 degrees, when it’s 20 degrees, I consider it to be hot- not even warm.

This is what they call Springtime in Maastricht

But this isn’t about the weather.

It’s about those little spells of sunshine that you just have to take advantage of. No matter how intense thesis work gets, or how homesick you’re feeling, those days are ones that you just have to leave your shoe box of a room and venture off.

James agrees about venturing off and enjoying the sunshine

And that’s what happened sometime in April, when it still wasn’t warm enough to abandon the 10-minute-jacket, but sunny enough for the sunglasses.

Here are the two indispensable items, at the same time.

In true Dutch fashion, it involved cycling with no destination in mind, cycling off the beaten track, and true to my bike’s name, it was quite an adventure.

I’m proud of this picture, to be honest

Though we had no idea where we were at the time, we later found out we’d gone beyond Maastricht’s marina, but not far enough to Belgium, like we had thought.

Those days don’t happen often, like I said, though my once-bike-fearing agreed to do this again.

Sadly, James’ bike just got stolen- because how could it be the true Dutch experience if your bike isn’t lifted?

Just a short walk, or cycle, from where I live. It’s become even more beautiful since then.

Also, this by no means signifies my intention to compete in the Tour De France anytime soon, just in case you were wondering.

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    1. TK says:

      I think I miss it more than you do…

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