Grolsch: Advertisements, Football, and Dutchies


EURO2012 has only been going on for two days and I’m already caught up in the fever and charm of it all. It’s quite something when you’re watching the European football championship while being in Europe, and especially in a country where the fans are so devoted.

Though I love so many things about the Netherlands, I absolutely cannot stand the way they play football. Last time I checked, the game was supposed to be just football, and therefore no elements of kickboxing or other martial arts or diving are supposed to be included. And yet, they persevere.

Still, when you’re living among them, you can’t avoid how all of a sudden the country has been swept with orange excitement. Too bad that the first shock of the tournament had to come at their expense: a loss to Denmark out of all things. I wonder how things will turn out next week when they face off the Germans- oh, that would be so much fun to watch in a city where 80% of the international population is German.

Apart from the games themselves, the one thing that I tend to get so excited about during big international football tournaments are the ads, and Grolsch, a Dutch beer company, does not disappoint. This particular ad  represents  the Dutchies, before yesterday’s incident, enjoying the game and a beer, showing off their national colors. You couldn’t ask for anything better, could you?

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