Delta Goodrem’s Sitting on Top of the World: A Great Way to be Back

My love of music knows no bounds of genre, artist, or year. But I also tend to stick to some specific favorites and continue to listen to every little snippet of music they release even if the whole world agrees they might just about be past their prime (read: Backstreet Boys) and I have perfectly good reasons for that.

Of those musicians to whom my loyalty never wavers is Delta Goodrem, the beautiful and very talented 27 year old Australian singer behind hits like Lost Without You, Not Me Not I, and Innocent Eyes.  Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 18, she hasn’t let that stop her from releasing three very successful albums, each reflecting upon a period of her life.

And after a four year wait for some new material from her, Sitting On Top of the World has finally been released as the first single from an up and coming album.

This has got to be my favorite look of hers from the video. That red skirt is just wonderful.

From browsing around the internet, I can see that Goodrem has come under fire for the shift in direction she’s taken for this record. Normally, her songs are dominated by piano melodies, as she is a pianist herself, and her strong vocals, but this song takes a very pop and bright approach. It’s something you could put on in the morning to get you all energized and happy. 

The song specifically asks you to celebrate love and life and to “get up, stand up” and “jump in” to a very catchy beat, so how could you resist? 

Her voice is stronger than ever as she sharply delivers the simple but very powerful verses and what’s noticeable is how joyful she is as she sings. Even if you don’t watch the video, you can imagine her recording this song with a very big smile on her face.

I don’t think you could find a happier song in her entire repertoire, which is a very welcome change considering the content of Mistaken Identity, the album she released after her diagnosis.

The video is perfect for the song. There’s nothing weird about it, nothing in-your-face, no crazy effects, and definitely no baring it all. Instead we get to see her in four different outfits, looking the best she can be, executing choreography and playing her piano along with several background dancers around Melbourne, Australia, balloons surrounding them. The entire focus is thus on the song and the message it’s trying to get across. Oh and how tall she is.

Currently, I’m using the tune as background when I’m blogging, because I tend to type like a maniac when I have an idea in mind and the song is just perfect for that rush. I’m looking forward to seeing her perform it live and to the rest of her new album. Also, if you like the song, you might enjoy this beautiful piano cover of it. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. fadichammas says:

    I love Delta, honestly I was surprised when I found out she dated a Jonas but I decided to overlook that 😛
    The new song is nice, I’m happy she’s releasing new material

    1. TK says:

      I didn’t think it was possible that you like a female singer that’s not Shakira 😛 Glad to know you like Delta too 😀 And yes, I’ve overlooked the Jonas Brother point- I guess we all have a low point in our lives.

      1. fadichammas says:

        LOOOOL Touli :p :$

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