A Modest Twinkling Christmas in Maastricht

Christmas is one of my favorite seasons of the year. It most certainly has to do with the lights, those twinkling bright lights that are hung up for almost a month. They just make everything seem prettier and brighter.

I can’t believe that we’re heading towards mid-April already. Wasn’t all the excitation surrounding Christmas just yesterday, rather than a few months ago?

Maastricht was beautiful at Christmas, but also very modest. Having spent the majority of my Christmases in Beirut, I’ve gotten used to every area, shopping mall, and house trying to outdo one another, and set new personal decorating records. So having things scaled back was a wonderful change.

Of course, I also had my return to Beirut for two weeks to look forward to, so it was very joyous all round.

If you’re like me, and are longing for some reminders of the festive season, here are some pictures I snapped as I was trying to get my gift shopping completed.

1. Christmas Tree at the Christmas Markt

There's the lights

2. Fancy a drink?

Enjoy a drink and keep warm after you're done shopping for all the presents

3. Shopping malls getting in on the action

Something tells me this would've been considered too little in Beirut

4. Craving for Crepes

Crepes in a truck. I wonder how they didn't find this unsanitary

5.  Things coming together

Christmas Tree, Vrijthof, the Church, and Sunset

6. Ice skating, only if you’re up for it

Certainly not for me.

7. The best Christmas gift

I'll have three of the white one, please.

8. My choice of holiday drink

It couldn't be anything else

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