Just Some Random Belated Commentary on Pitbull’s International Love


I have a bone to pick with Cuban-American rapper Pitbull. You know that guy who seems to be featured on every single song that’s currently being overplayed to death on your local radio (or any high-charting hit on Spotify).

If you haven’t heard of him, I, firstly applaud you, then give you an amazed stare for managing to avoid everything to do with popular culture of the past two or so years. You are truly one of the luckier ones out there.

While I admit his music is very catchy, and I sometimes use it when needing to focus on my studying for weird reasons that I can’t really explain to you, his song International Love came to my attention just a few weeks before I left for my holidays in Beirut.

I say this, because I’m pretty sure if I had been in the home country at the time of its release, I would’ve known of its existence much earlier. Or maybe it did come out before I left in August but I had just been too busy to pay attention to what’s on the radio.

The song features Chris Brown, who I used to think had a lot of talent, before he got himself into a lot of hot water by beating up the very annoying Rihanna a few years back. But I really won’t focus on how he comes across as completely constipated while doling out his verses.

No. My real issue is with the mention of Lebanon in the song.

Pitbull seems to think he’s doing the women of the world a favor by writing a song just about how he’s been all over the globe and has seen so many beautiful chicks. Of those that get a special mention? Us!

I don’t know whether I should feel flattered or offended, as a Lebanese woman, that we’re the bomb.

On one hand, our beauty (the natural one without any plastic surgery) is well-known across several regions.

But on the other, I’d like to think that despite the hyper-sexualized songs and video clips, the rapper has some knowledge of international affairs and history, and therefore knows just a slight bit about the Lebanese Civil War and the numerous number of bombings that we’ve had to live through in the past few years.

If he doesn’t, might I suggest consulting Wikipedia? While it’s not the most accurate source out there, please try to remember that the history books we study from all throughout our formative years magically end when the country gains its independence from the French- and there seems to be no agreement in sight.

So yeah, I don’t know about you dear readers, but if anyone wanted to point out the striking qualities of something, I wouldn’t particularly choose to compare it to one of the worst things they’ve ever had to live through.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Samer says:

    I do not understand why your annoyed with the song? What do the bombings in the civil war have anything to do with this song? or with him calling Lebanese girls the bomb?

    1. TK says:

      It makes sense. Think about it for a bit.

  2. Samer says:

    Still doesn’t make sense.


    I am pretty sure pitbull did not mean anything beyond the slang definition of “the bomb”

  3. Mia says:

    We were studying together when we saw your criticism .
    Usually Lebanese women are known for being hot and sexy which is equivalent to the ‘bomb’ adjective.Even our friends here know that and gave similar remarks when we knew that we are lebanese.
    I don’t think pitbull gave it much more thought :p

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