An Untitled Post + Video


Here’s something about me: I like knowing things. I’m almost always following up with the news, reading leaflets and signs in the street, eavesdropping onto conversations in languages I can understand, and generally spending hours browsing through Wikipedia’s infinite pages- all in the name of knowledge.

One thing I cannot claim I know anything about is the Lebanese nightlife scene. Well okay, I do know that a lot of tourists flock to Beirut and neighboring areas to party the night away and that to many people’s irk- mine included- the country is being branded as a party town- but I can’t tell the difference between two clubs- and I don’t think I want to.

That being said, however, the other day I was typically procrastinating, reading some favorite blogs of mine when I came across this:

Yes, I’m aware, not new. Been seen a million times, possibly everyone familiar with Lebanon has hailed it’s brilliance.

I’m also aware that while it’s always good poking fun at ourselves (examples include not standing in line and having a billion connections), I think we Lebanese have a lot more to offer, if we could just harness all that energy and creativity into the right places.

And yet, I could not stop smiling at my discovery, thinking that despite everything, familiar images of streets I’ve been on way too much and the sight of haphazard buildings still make my heart race.

And I of course, just had to share this with the ten or so readers of Beyond Beirut.

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