Autumn in Maastricht


It’s no secret that I chose my accommodation here in Maastricht to be within walking distance of the university. And it’s no secret that being who I am, I absolutely hate walking, even though things have slightly changed in the six weeks or so that I’ve been here.

Walking back home at about 6:30 PM last Friday, I couldn’t help but pull out my phone and take pictures of the surrounding setting. You see, unlike Beirut where Autumn is just one long extension of an already too-hot summer, in Maastricht, you get to experience all the classical signs of that season: like leaves falling and changing colors and a lot of wind- which can be comforting if you’re not too paranoid about getting sick.

1. Early Morning Glory 

2. Maastricht University on a warm autumn day 

3. Direction: home

4. Some almost-lonely looking trees

5. The comforting sound of crunching leaves

6. Explosion of color

7. Some more leaves

8. Playing with the contrast

9. Round the corner

10. Street, Sweet Street 

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