Being At Three Places At Once: In Pictures


I’ve been writing a lot lately about Beirut, being Lebanese abroad, and things that remind me of home, when I do in fact have a wealth of adventures to share. It’s just that you have to bear with me a slight bit while I figure out what is the exact approach I want to take in my writing (as well as wait for the pictures from some friends of some of these adventures).

One of these is this weekend I learned it’s important to have friends who have friends who have cars in the foreign country you happen to have moved to for the year. Because on that weekend, I ended up being in three different countries at once, as well as the highest point in the Netherlands, AND willingly let myself get lost (in a labyrinth no less)

Beat that Mandy Moore in “A Walk To Remember!”  (You know, this scene 

Now I totally want to watch it again)

But never mind that.

Since this event happened about three weeks ago and I have so much to study and read, I can’t possibly give you the play-by-play of that day. Luckily for you, I had my trusty camera on hand to document the proceedings.

1. Meet the companions for this journey:

Companions that keep asking you to take pictures and love getting lost, Awesome

2. Some sightseeing in town before heading out to the maze

A part of the old wall of the city of Maastricht

3. Sight from the road

Organization isn't even the right word to describe this

4. We are there

Shot for the sole purpose of this blog post

5. The essential welcoming sign

Signs in Three Languages: Feels like Lebanon all over again

6. Trying to be Dutch

So apparently this was everything that's Dutch in one place. Hmm?

7. More signs

Never been closer to a border in my whole life

8. Diagram of the maze- I mean who willingly wants to get lost? Oh, us…

Shot for the sole purpose of using it as guidance in case we couldn't get out

9. Obstacles in the maze

She managed quite well

10. From a bridge

Yup, I have no idea what this all means either

11. Some fun times

That gargoyle was really friendly, I don't blame Ruth

12. Go that way, no go this way

Clearly we were lost. Clearly we weren't going to admit it

13. Shot from the other bridge

At this point, I had given up wondering where we were and instead focused on how much they spend on upkeep

14. Water water everywhere

Forget about water scarcity- that doesn't even exist! (That was a joke, Environmental people!)

15. A reward for finishing the maze

Sprite: Drink of the Champions (or those who just gave up and found the nearest exist as fast as they could)

16. At the highest point of the Netherlands

Look mom: No oxygen masks! At about 320 meters above sea level

17. Group picture in 3 places at once

High five for the first completely surreal experience of being in NL

18. More being in 3 places at once- Resisting the temptation to speak in three languages at once

Trying to hold that pose: not the easiest thing imaginable

19. Wave your flag proudly

No Lebanese flag, this was the next best thing available

20. Most annoying thing in the world!

No matter where we went, he was still in earshot, driving me to think of all the possible ways he could be silenced

21. Alex’s Anything-Goes Pasta sauce to end the adventure (or at least the sightseeing part of it)

Rest assured, my Italian flatmate approved it- so it was good though probably not the way her grandma makes it.

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  1. Sorry to be nitpicky, but that sign in picture 5 is not in 3 langauges 😛 (it just states 3 different things in dutch)

    1. TK says:

      I knew someone was going to make that comment- I was just waiting to see who would notice 😉 Thanks Dutchie!

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