An Adventure is Only As Good As The People You Share It With

Quite a long title, you might think.

But, on my four week mark (time flies when you’re buried under piles of assigned literature) in NL, something that I sort of knew from the beginning has finally materialized into a full post with pictures!  

An adventure is only as good as the people you share it with…

It might also be the effect of some residual cold medication in my system making me slightly delusional and believing I can write something on no breakfast.

To begin things,  this week kicked off with meeting the long-awaited missing roommate, putting my long weeks of worrying about whether or not I would like these strangers fate randomly decided to pair me up with, to an end.

For your information, we are getting along perfectly- now if only we could just all sit in the same room as a camera so I can illustrate my point clearly.

That kitchen is way too small to have three people in it, and yet somehow, it did.

Yeah, they were both cooking dinner here, and I, of course, was taking pictures. But don’t be mad at me for not helping, I did make an excellent steak with pepper sauce and rice for lunch! 

Speaking of cooking. It is amazing what a home-cooked meal, even one for which you looked up the recipe for on Google only minutes before, can do. In my case, it brings the friends over and makes sure they don’t leave. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I really can cook (follow instructions) well or that Lebanese sense of hospitality, but it’s little things like that which keep me constantly happy.

The day I made Sloppy Joe's for everyone. Reactions included: You put Subway to shame (or something like that)

As a completely quasi-relevant point: going to the supermarket also makes me constantly happy. Wanna know why? Because every time I go, I discover a least one item that reminds me of home and the wonder that is Lebanese food. 

Hummus in the Lowlands! I wonder if we still have some... *Raids the fridge* Note: next to the hummus is my bag of Zaatar imported all the way from Lebanon.

There have been numerous times that an outing ended up with walking back home, particularly after watching Milan tie with Barcelona at the very last minute or after watching a 10 year-old movie in the chilly open air. And let’s be very clear on this- I live about 40 minutes away from the city center- our usual meeting point. And I hate walking.

My fears of doing so in the dead of the night in the empty streets aside, there are always some sort of  important discussions that goes on. Oh and that one time when one of our neighbors was blasting Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters at 1 in the morning.

Scary as walking back home at night is, it's still nothing compared to this scene out of a horror film

That, by the way, is Musketruwe, where the majority of the fun, adventurous people live. Since starting classes, we have not been able to meet as often as we used to- also factored in is the fact that they live right on the Belgian border, about 45 minutes by bus from here.

Belgium: not even at a distance

I’ve realized that this particular group, other than never passing up an opportunity to have a good time, also makes up a micro-representation of the United Nations. Not one nationality is replicated. Which is why if I ever get in touch with the UN’s Secretary General, I am going to suggest he lock us all up in some fancy hotel, throw in some really good food and access to Youtube, and just give us some time: all the world’s problems will be solved.

Just call me Delegate of Lebanon-prior MUN experience kicking in.

Yes, even though I wrote that last sentence very jokingly, I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe that achieving world peace is possible by a group of 20-something masters’ students.

Don’t you agree, Sam?

Exhibit A 

Oh well, even the most invested 20-something masters’ student gets caught on camera with his/her mouth open.

Exhibit B

I think I just completely forgot the whole point of this post…

Ah yes, world peace can be achieved. You just have to come to Maastricht to find it within a group of people who make every outing, or even a lazy night at home, something worth documenting.

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