Apologies and Updates from the Lowlands

As far as bloggers go, I am the example for the worst kind: the one that gets super excited about something and consistently talks about it and then the moment something better comes along, I just abandon the blog and requests from friends here and back home and focus on that.

In my case, it’s the fact that I’ve started graduate studies last week and caught an awful cold this one- so blogging hasn’t been my number one priority as of late. I’m sorry dear readers, I love you all dearly and know just how much my sense of humor and observations went by missed

See, sense of humor… 

There have been plenty of stories to tell: celebrating Eid with my Maastricht family, being in three places at once, walking home in the dead of the night after an open-air movie, starting classes, watching Milan score than painful last minute goal against FC Barcelona  and the list just goes on and on.

But most importantly, there’s been this transformation from just knowing complete strangers on Facebook to considering them family…

In short, although I’m a teeny-bit homesick, I’m also still firmly happy that I came here.

Yes, I have to read a lot, and yes sometimes I feel I will never catch the hang of why I have to read articles about healthcare economics from 1963 (yes your eyes are not fooling you), but this is also an experience that I am glad I am not missing out on.

Because there were always be stories from here, I will try my hardest to continue writing and posting pictures.

All we have to do is have some faith…


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