Sharing Meals and Laughter: The Greek Dinner


I have grown up with this belief that food brings people together. And being Lebanese, meeting people over a meal is probably my most favorite way to get together.

Which is why when Alex invited us over to her place for a Greek-themed dinner, I quickly set aside my hesitations about the kind of food that would be served- because I’m annoying like that- and clicked attending.

We were only up on the second floor. No, I'm not kidding

Since travelling to Rhodes about two years ago, Greek food has become an instant favorite of mine.

And to have a homecooked meal after such a while was a welcome change.

Like I mentioned earlier, we master students seem to get happy about everything. And once we were all gathered together, and the drinks started flowing, the cameras came out to record the fact that we had become such good friends in so little time.

On Facebook, this was captioned "Can you believe we only met the week before?" The right answer would be no!

You see, Alex also lives in the guesthouse- a fancy word for the university managed accommodation- but her apartment is very different from mine. She has a terrace and a flat screen TV, just to mention a few. But that doesn’t mean I love my place any less now.

That terrace was particularly important for us for taking pictures, and judging from the way they all turned out, we really have questioned many, many times if we are masters students or going through a phase of arrested development.

It was raining that day, but as usual, that didn’t stop us from having a great time and cracking jokes and every and anything. Like the fact that our friend Mihai had a professional camera with him that had a sort of remote- and we kept yelling for someone to push the button. Ah, fun stuff.

At this point, my face had hurt from smiling and I didn't want to be in the pictures. Also, only one person is looking at the actual camera

I feel like I’m missing out on something here. Oh yes! The food!

I can only say YUMMM!

First of all, it wouldn’t be a Greek meal without the Greek salad complete with Feta cheese and olive oil. There was also potato salad, taztziki (garlic flavored yogurt with cucumbers) and fried zucchini and meatballs. And I must say, I ate them up like I had never eaten in my life.

The YUMMM continues!

Of course, this only means that now I have to do a much better job on my Lebanese night. and let’s say this is going to be a challenge for me, seeing that I’ve cooked a total of 5 meals in my life.

In the words of Barney Stinson: Challenge Accepted!


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