Sports, Dinner, and Comedy: The Second Day of INKOM

You know what sucks? Your friends introducing you to everyone as the blogger, when you’re behind by at least three days. It also sucks that they keep me reminding me of that- but on the other hand, I really would like to thank them for the motivation, because if it weren’t for them, I’d be really hearing some not so nice words from the people back home.

So second day of INKOM was probably my favorite of all of them.

After skipping the first event about being an international student in Maastricht, I headed to the local stadium for the UM Sports exhibition, where all the sporting associations related to the university were trying to recruit new members.

Yes, I too wondered what I was doing there at first

Yes, did you notice what I just said there? The girl whose only relation to sports is watching FC Barcelona matches when she remembers they’re on or if some major sporting event is happening went to a thing all about sports. 

And I had a pretty good time-once we managed to get there, as we missed two buses- watching my INKOM groupmates trying out all sorts of games that were spread around the field, while I just made up excuses, like I’m afraid of heights, so I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself while rock climbing.

I did however do one thing out of my comfort zone, apart from playing frisbee with Mostafa and some other guys from the group for at least half an hour.

I rode the mechanical bull.

See, there exists pictures of this. I wasn't lying to you!

FOR 36 SECONDS! AND I got high-fived by everyone standing there, including the big hunky rugby guys.

This was directly followed by IndepenDANCE, where DJs are supposed to play a combination of Latin, Arabic, and Balkan music and everyone’s supposed to dance, but I missed that one because I had to head back home to change into something more suitable for a fancy dinner for master students.

Now, I’ve had dinner in a wide range of places over the years, but nothing except this one came close to the feeling of eating at Hogwarts- please, if you don’t know what Hogwarts is, go look it up before you read my blog any further. You see, the dinner was set in the St. Jan Church right on the Vrijthof, but because I was being very Lebanese and arrived about an hour and a half later, I have zero knowledge about it’s history.

Told you so!

Oh well! There’s Wikipedia for that.

Exterior of the Saint Jan Church

The dinner had a Spanish theme to it, because as I understand, it was also a promotion for a Spanish festival that is set to take place in Maastricht in September. So a bunch of guys dressed up as minstrels, with their guitars, were singing all night long, while the food was mostly tapas and paella. Wine was also served, but there’s not much I can tell you about that area.

Once we were done eating, we went out to the street, where the musicians were, and had them play some music for us as we danced together right in the middle of the street, being bothered by cars that passed by.

Fun Fun Fun Times

The night still wasn’t done- I told you, this was my favorite day so it can’t just be about food- as we were all invited to go watch an improv comedy show called Boom Chicago in the theater. So after a quick drink, that was our destination.

Here’s a bit about Boom Chicago: they’re an improv group founded in Amsterdam in 1993, and while they also do sketches, their shows depend on the audience shouting things in response to certain questions, so essentially, no two shows are ever the same. They also tend to focus on certain themes: the show we watched was about social media, which completely cracked us up: Facebook being the reason we met and all.

Still laughing every time I remember this show

As well as making fun of weirdly named Dutch products, the effect of social media on people’s lives, and relationships, they asked us to shout out any animal of which the male character would complement the female character, so Rohan and I shouted out Hippo, to be met by a lot of laughter and weird looks. The cast did  a great job incorporating it into the show and by the time the show ended, we were laughing so hard, and hoping we’d catch one of their shows very soon.



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  1. Christine says:

    Hey Tala! It seems you’re having a wonderful time! You made me want to go abroad for my masters next year :p
    Keep the posts coming and good luck!

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