Road Trips, A Camera, And Falling for Lebanon Again: An Introduction


One thing I love about Lebanon is that it’s a relatively small, so you can go from Beirut to anywhere in the rest of the country without much trouble.

And even though I’ve lived here for about 14 years, there is much I haven’t seen, because when I do leave Beirut for the summer,  it’s usually for my house in a whole other country.

Yes, I know, shame.

But really, being a city girl, I have no reason to go out of my comfort zone nor do I feel I’m missing out on much.

Which is why I think, when those little opportunities to go on a road trip present themselves, I jump at them, making sure my trusty and very handy Kodak is fully charged.

Like last year, when I had to stay in Lebanon for the entire summer for my field work  course requirement. And instead of fully focusing on the work, I was snapping pictures that would later be upload on Facebook. Yes, I have a lovely sense of priority.

And that summer, I realized that I had fallen in love with my country all over again.

Fallougha in July 2010: 1710 m above sea level. Source of the famous Sohat water. Let’s not start about how terrified I was on the way up.


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