Even Bikes Are Designed By Gender

You know how  the Lebanese are obsessed with way-beyond-their-annual-salary-fancy-so-big-they-block-traffic-in-the-already-too-small-roads-of-Beirut-cars?

The same can be said about the Dutch and their bicycles. I think saying they are everywhere would be an understatement.

Of course, I’m all for bikes, for the obvious environmental reasons. I’m not too fond of them though because I never really learned how to ride one , especially that when I was growing up, there were barely any places to ride them.

I’m sort of excited to learn once I get to Maastricht even though a klutz like me should never be on wheels. Either way, I’m not going to become the next Lance Armstrong.

Today, for the very first time, I learned that there is a distinction between the male bike and female bike, which really explains why I always see girls in promotional pictures wearing skirts and cycling their hearts out, no care in the world (as if..)

See for yourself.

The female bike. Notice the curved connection between the handlebars and the seat

Follow the jump to see the male bike…

The male bike: no curved connection, as you can see

Interesting, isn’t it?

Either way, this method of transport will most likely not be my prime choice. Being a city girl and a klutz means that I will probably stick to walking or buses/trains.

It will, however, be a fundamental part of my Dutch experience.


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  1. Johannes says:

    I would strongly recommend to buy a bike and raincoat, because you’ll be much quicker and flexible in comparison to public transport (and you can do a lot for your health). Don’t take the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ bikes too serious. Such kind of bikes are also very famous in Western Germany, where they call it ‘Holland bikes’. Just be careful on the sidewalk. There should be always a line for bikers and they will ring when you’re in the way, but they won’t stop…. 😉

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